April 15, 2014

DHA City Karachi Pakistan’s 1st Sustainable City

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The concept of sustainable cities if fairly new and so DHA City Karachi will establish this concept in Pakistan by being the country’s first Sustainable city. The infrastructure and modern development of DCK are destined to put the country at par with other Sustainable cities’ development,

The Institute for Sustainability Infrastructure and Harvard University, USA has come up with the Envision Rating System which will be used to thoroughly check all the work done under the DCK project. DCK is surely a green city of Pakistan and at its current stage will be put through the checks of the Envision System.

Highlights and features of DHA City Karachi

  • Proper waste management and water systems
  • Proper energy management
  • Sustainable infrastructure and buildings
  • Sustainable growth, economy and business
  • Concept of pedestrian units incorporated in the residential areas
  • Room for natural ventilation via the Street Grid Layout
  • Covered and protected natural drains (Nullahs)
  • A pedestrian oriented Downtown District
  • Eco landscape and natural habitats

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