December 21, 2014

DHA City Karachi Latest Development Plan

DHA City Development Plan

DHA City Karachi has earned reputation as the one of the safest and best planned projects in Pakistan. Some of the facilities which will become major highlights of the project include Theme Park, Health District, Educational District, Business District and other facilities for work. Merging international standards and local property, the project is going to be a model for other future projects in the Pakistan.

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DHA City Karachi (DCK) Sector 3 Will be Livable by 2016 and Sector 5 & 7 Development Works Completed by 2016.
Sector 2 complete, CBD (Central Business District), 8b, 8C, 8D, 6A, 6B, 9A, 9B, 12A, 12B, 13A, 13B, 13C, 14A, 14B will Develop under Short Term Development Plan by 2018 (RED ZONE).
While Remaining Sectors will be Developed by 2020/2021 (Yellow Zone)

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15 Comments on "DHA City Karachi Latest Development Plan"

  1. jawad khan January 20, 2018 Reply

    i have a plot in sector 14B Please could you tell me the cureent market value of this plot
    125 Sq Yard

  2. i have CATEGORY – G (CIVIL DISABLED) & J INLAND PAKISTANI) (300 SQ YDS RESIDENTIAL PLOT) i would like to know the full market value of the land plz if any help

  3. I want to buy 200 residential plot in DHA city what is the cheaspest sector and price available payment in 24 hours let me know by email if any one wants to sell


  4. I have 200 sq yard in 6d j category what is the market value full paid

    • Umer Asghar February 23, 2016 Reply

      The current on money of Sector 6-D 200 sq-yds J-Category plot is 37 lacs.

  5. Riaz Muhammad January 12, 2016 Reply

    For Syed Asim.Aoa.

    I read your pathetic email and felt sorry for you. You see sir, there was no pick and choose method of allotment of plots. I believe the allotment was done through the computers and these electronic gadgets do not and cannot differentiate between young and old. You said that you were old and the plot was for your kids. If that be so, you should be thankful to Allah, Who provided for them for their future. I and you would be long gone but your and my kids shall thank Allah and be grateful to me and you for leaving behind something they could fall back upon.
    So please do not blame the management being unable to plan and poor strategists. They all have done a wonderful job for which they deserve tons of accolades and a soft pat on their backs as a token of our appreciation.
    Sir you must have faith in Allah. You and me do not know what lies in store for us.

    Riaz Muhammad.

  6. dear concerned in planning department
    I don’t get it, the senior citizen sector in which I got plot is 6-C and you will be developing it by 2020/21 as it is in yellow ,have some mercy on us …we are already old,,if it was for our kids then why you announced in the first place for senior citizen?? this shows your inability to plan and work …just poor strategy ….and lack of competence to make decision and plan .you will get old one day then you will realize how bad planner you were .


  7. nasir sheikh November 24, 2015 Reply


    I have one plot in DHA City Sector 6-D Plot number 3421. Please I want to know the current value of this plot


    nasir sheikh

  8. AOA

    I have plot in DHA City Sector 12b Plot number 138. Please could you tell me the cureent market value of this plot



  9. Can you predict, the future of DHA City, after completion of the project.

  10. Syed Shahid Aleem January 11, 2015 Reply

    A very nice n big opportunity for the Peoples of Karachi and all Pakistan to avail the facilities of Modern living in DHA City Karachi. DHA City will fulfill the gape of homes.

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