December 14, 2016

DHA City Karachi (DCK) Residential Plots Prices December 2016


DHA City Karachi it a residential-cum-commercial project. spread over more than 20,000 acres of land, which is being speedily developed as a Sustainable. Green and Smart City. in accordance with the contemporary engineering and town planning practices. The ongoing fast track development with institutionalized strength, international level of master planning. provision of world class amenities and its globally recognized sustainable status are some of the remarkable features that give an international stature to DHA City Karachi. Over here DHA City Karachi is developing a dedicated Knowledge Park; spread over 103 acres of land where five nationally and internationally renowned educational institutions will establish their campuses. This will make DHA City Karachi a centre of excellence for promoting education.This project will acts as a model city and will set new standards of excellence.

If you want to Buy/Sell Plots in DHA City Karachi, feel free to Contact Eizy Estate at (021) 111 365 636,  or 0321-204007, 0321-2223505.


The plot prices mentioned are total accumulated prices and as DCK plots were booked on installment basis. Installment could vary in different categories of plot and also could vary on individual client basis. This price means the total plot price after making the full payment.
Total Price = ON Money + Booking Price
The information is provided by Eizy Estate . However, one must note that the prices may vary due to a couple of reasons such as availability, location of the plot, Sector and the type of other plots located in this area. Demand and supply are also important market forces which cannot be overlooked. Prices are evaluated and interpreted on the basis of the current market, however there is no guarantee that they may remain unchanged. Prices may also fluctuate as individual needs vary.

125 Square Yards

Sector 14A: PKR 51 to 53 Lacs

Sector14B: PKR 52 to 54 Lacs


200 Square Yards

Sector 3B: PKR 93 to 98 Lacs

Sector 4E: PKR 71 to 74 Lacs

Sector 6D: PKR 79 to 83 Lacs

Sector 9C: PKR 78 to 80 Lacs

Sector 11E: PKR 70 to 73 Lacs

Sector 13A,B,C: PKR 77 to 78 Lacs



300 Square Yards

Sector 2A,B,C: PKR 100 to 105 Lacs

Sector 4A,B,C: PKR 93 to 97 Lacs

Sector 6D: PKR 90 to 93 Lacs

Sector 9C: PKR 89 to 92 Lacs

Sector 11E: PKR 78 to 80 Lacs

Sector 13F: PKR 78 to 80 Lacs

Sector 14B: PKR 90 to 93 Lacs


500 Square Yards

Sector 2D: PKR 140 to 145 Lacs

Sector 3A,B: PKR 150 to 165 Lacs

Sector 4D: PKR 125 to 130 Lacs

Sector 4E: PKR 115 to 120 Lacs

Sector 5: PKR 142 to 155 Lacs

Sector 6A,B: PKR 128 to 132 Lacs

Sector 6C: PKR 115 to 120 Lacs

Sector 7: PKR 130 to 135 Lacs

Sector 8C,D: PKR 125 to 130 Lacs

Sector 9A,B: PKR 127 to 131 Lacs

Sector 9D: PKR 120 to 125 Lacs

Sector 10A,B,C,D: PKR 115 to 120 Lacs

Sector 11A,B,C,D: PKR 115 to 120 Lacs

Sector 12A,B: PKR 123 to 127 Lacs

Sector 12C,D: PKR 115 to 120 Lacs

Sector 13D: PKR 95 to 105 Lacs

Sector 13E: PKR 93 to 100 Lacs

Sector 14C,D: PKR 114 to 118 Lacs

Sector 15A,B,C: PKR 114 to 118 Lacs

Sector 16B: PKR 115 to 118 Lacs

Sector 17: PKR 110 to 115 Lacs


1000 Square Yards

Sector 4D: PKR 197 to 215 Lacs

Sector 5D: PKR 230 to 250 Lacs

Sector 7C: PKR 200 to 230 Lacs

Sector 8A: PKR 197 to 220 Lacs

Sector 10E: PKR 165 to 175 Lacs

Sector 11D: PKR 195 to 210 Lacs

Sector 15D: PKR 185 to 200 Lacs

Sector 16A,D: PKR 185 to 200 Lacs


2000 Square Yards

2000 Sq-Yds plots are available in sector 8A, 8B, 10E, 11D,15A and 16C. these plots are not often available in market. Call us if you want the prices of these plots.



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  1. I want to invest in real state, budget is near to 7M, kindly suggest where to invest Bahria or Dha I have property in bahria already thinking biz don’t want to keep my all balls in one bucket, kindly suggest,

    • Author

      Kindly contact Eizy Estate for Investment Consultancy.
      021 111 365 636
      0321 2040077
      0321 2223505

  2. This rates are belong for which category (J,S,K,A etc) plz clear

    • Umer Asghar December 23, 2016 Reply

      Kindly Contact Our Sales Consultant :
      Eizy Estate
      Osama Rauf

  3. Lt Col Zubair Lodhi December 19, 2016 Reply

    Your page is very good.

  4. Abid Chaudhary December 17, 2016 Reply

    Keep posting me latest rates.

  5. Can you please tell me the exact offer that i can have regarding my plot of 300sqy , in sector 14b .I want to sell it on some suitable offer.

    • Umer Asghar December 23, 2016 Reply

      Kindly Contact Our Sales Consultant :
      Eizy Estate
      Osama Rauf

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