November 10, 2015

DHA City Highest Return Project Of Karachi

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Only Project Which Has Given 100% Profit.

The 100% increase in DHA City property prices for the last one year is proof of DHA city Karachi which gave an assurance of best investment in the project.

DHA City Karachi (DCK) is Defence Housing Authority Karachi’s prestigious project of a modern sustainable city meeting the global standards of quality living. DCK is located along with the natural expansion of Karachi Metropolis.

If you want to Buy/Sell Plots in DHA City Karachi, feel free to contact Eizy Estate 0300-8261179, 0321-2040077 & 021-111 365 636 .

Proximity to areas of entertainment is also one of the key factors taken into account when searching for a home; DHA City Karachi (DCK) provides 100% entertainment, all within reach. 


15 Comments on "DHA City Highest Return Project Of Karachi"

  1. Abdul Basit Aleem July 21, 2016 Reply

    Hello I am Interested in Phase 8

    Is installment available for PLOTS there ?
    What is the price for 120, 250 and 500 SQ Yds plots there ?

    Please advice.

  2. Khadim Hussain Azhar April 7, 2016 Reply

    I want to sale my plot no 462 Sector 14 A, 125 Square Yards DHA City Karachi

  3. I have 200 yds , in 6 D , J cat… What’s the on money..

    • Umer Asghar April 8, 2016 Reply

      The current on money of Sector 6-D 200 Yards Civilian Category plot is 48 to 50 lacs.

  4. i have a serving army plot no 181, sec 5c, 500 sq yards, cat A, installments paid upto dec 2015… what is the final price of this plot please.

    • Umer Asghar February 9, 2016 Reply

      The current on money of Sector 5-C Plot number 181 A-Category plot is 80 to 82 lacs.
      Sameer Asghar
      Eizy Estate
      021 111-365-636

  5. I am interested in sele my plot Cat ‘J’ 200 sq yds in Sector 3B in Red Zone of DHA City, Karachi. This sector is near to main Gate of DHA City Karachi Project. I want to know the current value of such plot.


    Asad Khan

  6. Lt Col Khawar Ayub (R) January 17, 2016 Reply

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am interested in selling my Cat ‘B’ Retd Army Officers 500 sq yds Plot in Sector 4D of DHA City, Karachi. This sector is adjacent to sector 1 in which DHA Oasis Farm Houses are being constructed. Also it is at the edge of a beautiful lake.

    The own money is final 65 lacs.

    Cost of the plot is 10 lacs.

    20 lacs advance and 4 weeks time of final payment.

    Lt Col Khawar Ayub (R)

    • Umer Asghar January 18, 2016 Reply

      The current on money of Sector 4-D B-Category 500 sq-yds plot is 63 to 64 lacs.
      Syed Abul Hasan
      Eizy Estate
      021 111-365-636

  7. Dear Sir,
    I have heard that there is now correction in prices and they have gone downwards. Please let me know about the current trend and what is own on 200yds J category commercial in sector 11 B, thank you.

  8. J category

    • Umer Asghar December 7, 2015 Reply

      The current own money of Sector 13-A 200 Yards J-Category Plot Is 29 to 30 lacs and the current own money of Sector 13-F 300 Yards J-Category Plot Is 25 lacs.
      Eizy Estate.

  9. Dear Sir, AOA, I have two plots, 200 Res. sector 13A and 300 secor 13F in green zone. Installments paid upto September, 2015.How much I can get for these plots.

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