August 31, 2015

Residential Property Bylaws in Islamabad

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Demand for private property in Islamabad has expanded by almost 15% in the most recent three years. Therefore, an expanding number of individuals are buying houses there and remodelling or modifying them, either to live in, to lease or exchange.

In the event that you are considering doing as such, calculate the accompanying local laws drafted by the Capital Development Authority (CDA):

Maximum built-up area.

For plot sizes extending somewhere around 150 and 2,700 square yards, the greatest developed range ought not to surpass 60%. No private unit is permitted more than two stories.

Car porches.

The width of auto yards ought to be no less than nine feet; its rooftop can’t be utilized as a patio.


 The stature of a storm cellar ought to range somewhere around 8.6 and 10.6 feet. No less than one crisis way out, measuring three by three feet, ought to be set up. Close to five feet of storm cellar space ought to be manufactured over the ground level.

External ramps.

These are not permitted to be developed outside the primary entryways of a house.

External staircases.

The width of winding stairs ought to range somewhere around five and six feet; the width of straight staircases ought to range somewhere around 2.9 and 3.3 feet.


The width of pergolas changes as indicated by the sort of house on account of an autonomous house, the width ought not surpass 120 square feet, on account of a semi-disconnected house, it ought not surpass 60 square feet.


Structures other than aerating and cooling channels, fireplaces, sky facing windows parapet dividers (measuring a greatest of three feet in stature) and water tanks can’t be put or developed on rooftops.

Room sizes.

The base square footage of rooms in houses with an aggregate square footage of 600 or above ought to be as per the following:

  • Kitchens: 45 square feet
  • Restrooms: 25 square feet
  • Powder rooms: 15 square feet


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