October 11, 2014

Pakistanis Investment in Dubai


Dubai, Pakistan on 3rd position in foreign real estate investment during the past six months Pakistan secures third position in foreign real estate investment while India strives to be on the top of the list. During the past six months India, Britain, and Pakistan respectively secured the top positions of foreign real estate investments. It is reported, with respect to the Dubai land department, that Indians strives to invest the most with 4417 deals in total, costing about 10 billion 523 million Dirham. Britain came second with 2258 deals in total, costing about 5 billion 811 million Dirham, while Pakistani investors succeeded to make 3064 deals in total, costing 4 billion 500 million Dirham. According to the Dubai land department, the three countries have made a total investment of 20 billion 830 million in the real estate market.

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  1. fareed mughal February 19, 2015 Reply

    i have two three invester invest in dubai. what shoud i do please tel me and contec me.

  2. We see so much progress it’s definitely not in terms of George sank bush the father than of course he doesn’t have a son as in the words from famous poet but now even dubai has invested in more than like 6000 properties I must say sheikh rash I’d is such a sight for sore eyes

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