March 29, 2014

How to Transfer Plot/ Home/ Apartment in Bahria Town Karachi


Step 1: Visit the Bahria Town Customer Care Centers

Customers are Bahria Town’s primary concern and that is why the team has left no stone unturned in making available a customer support center which can be visited at the following address in Karachi:

Plot No. 5, Bahria Town Icon Tower,
Near Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mazar,
Shahrah-e-Firdousi, Block-4, Clifton,
Karachi – Pakistan

UAN: +92 21 111- 333 – 888
T: +92 21 35372901-7
F: +92 21 35865943

The main aim of the center is to provide the customers with a contact point where all queries can be handled in a prompt and responsive manner. Good customer support is the key to maintain long lasting relationships and therefore the Bahria Town Customer Care Centers are built using proper standards and uses technology that benefits all. The center stands strong to entertain customer queries 365 days a year.

Step 2: Submit Your Request for No Demand Certificate (NDC)

For the issuance of No Demand Certificate(NDC), the seller must provide the following documents:

  • Filled NDC Form
  • A copy of the Booking Form
  • A copy of the CNIC

The above documents must be submitted at the Bahria Town office. Furthermore, documents can be submitted by the seller or his/her representative.NDC will be ready for collection after 48 hours and remains valid for 15 days only. Parties who are looking forward to sell off their plots in the near future must obtain their No Demand Certificates for hassle free transactions. The cost of making the NDC are as below:
Normal NDC – Free
Same Day NDC – Rs. 5000

Also, the NDC will mention the transfer charges along with other pending dues that may be present against the property.
Click here the View NDC (No Demand Certificate) form

bahria town karachi office

Step 3: The Buyer and Seller Must Be Present

At the time of the transfer, it is a must that the seller is present on the spot, however the rules for the buyer are different. In case he cannot come to the transfer himself, the buyer can ask his representative to show up at the transfer simply with a valid Authority Letter printed on a stamp paper of Rs.20. If the buyer is abroad, the Authority Letter can be made on a plain paper and later should be verified by the Embassy of Pakistan.

Click here to view Authority letter Draft.
bahria town karachi office images

Step 4: Payment of Transfer Fee

The amount of the transfer fee can be submitted at the NIB Bank in the account number 13106339.The original deposit slip of the transfer fee is an important document and must be provided when it is time for the transfer.

Bahria Town Karachi transfer Fees of Plots/ Homes/ Apartment 

Step 5: Application Form Regarding Transfer of  Registration

Here, the Transfer of Registration fee’s application form will need to be filled. With this the No Demand Certificate (NDC) and the original customer copy of Booking Form will be attached too. The CNIC copies as well the originals of the Buyer, Seller and Nominee along with their current photographs will be required too. The deposit slip of transfer fee mentioned in step four should be attached too.

Step 6: Obtaining ‘Transfer of Registration Title’ Document

Once the above steps are completed and documents are handed over, Bahria Town will then transfer the property into the applicant’s name along with the liabilities, deposits and rights as mentioned in the Terms and Conditions which will be followed by Bahria Town in the future.

It is important to note that the transfer mentioned here is regarding registration only and the plot/home/apartment transfers will be allotted in the near future.

If any discrepancies regarding paperwork or payment of due exist, they must be made good by either the representative or their respective heirs.

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10 Comments on "How to Transfer Plot/ Home/ Apartment in Bahria Town Karachi"

  1. I have purchased a plot on a token of 100k. I have also paid the transfer fee. Seller is asking for the payment. He is saying your transfer is in process. I bought the plot by giving authority to the agent. So far I have no documents. Should I pay the amount.
    Please guide.

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  3. Zaidi Syed March 23, 2015 Reply

    I want to buy a plot in bahria town… please guide me what will be batter to go on real estate or somewhere else.. Or give phone No for details. Thanks

  4. Can I transfer one plot on two names, means that single plot can be on me and my brother names both ??

  5. Bilal Ahmed July 5, 2014 Reply

    I have 3 opal forms and 2 hoshang forms. When behria announced date for opening I was out of country . Pls guide me what can be done. How can I get them opened for transaction.
    Thank you.

  6. I am an overseas Pakistani, want to authorize my brother for the purchase of a home. What is “Executant(s)” in the authority letter ? … Please explain

    • I am offering 125 yards double story home in Bahria Town Karachi overseas block it’s a golden opportunity for investment at this time when the own is minimum. Sooner the own will go very high. I am selling it because I already have two home can’t pay installments for 3. Bahria town is completing 1st block this year which will make home prices even higher

      Strongly recommended to invest for your family and children

      Total home price payable in 4 years = 49,000 US dollar (May get double in coming years)
      Cash amount paid = 5,000 US$
      Own = 1,500 US$
      Due 1st installment on 10 June 2014 = 2,800 US$
      Total you have to pay me before paying submit 1st installment = 6,500 US$
      Total you have to pay after paid 1st installment = 9,500 US$.

      Quarterly installment: 2,800 US$ next is due in September.

      For transfer no need to travel to Karachi It can be done through authority letter and plot will be transferred on your name

      Pay the full amount after plot gets transferred on your name. Plot is on your name or not can be found out by sending an email or calling bahria town office

      for more details about the project you can visit
      If any buddy want to buy or any Pakistani interested to purchase please call me.


  7. Plz tell me im sucsefull in drow now bhariya town contact us ? Or what nexg step

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