March 5, 2014

Creek Vistas Apartments Prices 05, Mar 2014


Creek Vistas Apartments:

Located in the peace and tranquility of the Khayaban-e-Shaheen, the Creek Vistas stand tall and look over the beautiful waterfronts of the Arabian Sea, DHA Golf Club and the Karachi Creek. The Creek Vistas are a part of the DHA Karachi project and adds significant value to the city. Built along the 16th street DHA Phase VIII, the towers of the project can leave anyone awestruck.

If you are interested in the Apartments of the Creek Vistas project, then you can handle all the buying, selling and renting simply by contacting  Dolmen Estate.

Creek Vistas aim to give the residents of Karachi, a life that is free from all worries. Building a city that replicates the one in your dreams, security and luxury are the two main features of the Creek Vistas. This part of the project is spread over 16 acres which largely focus on residential facilities. A quarter of this land is allocated for the construction of building while the remaining area is for public amenities, water bodies and gardens. Going into the depths of Creek Vistas, there are twelve towers in total and each one is designed to have 16 floors. Furthermore, each tower comprises of fifty six apartments and four penthouses to top of the towers with. In all, there are 720 residential units.

Prices of Creek Vistas Apartments:

The prices of the Creek Vista Apartments for the purposes of rentals or purchases are nearly the same. However, the prices are also known to fluctuate according to the demand and supply. As for the rentals, they may also depend on certain terms and conditions designed by the DHA Authorities. In addition to this, another factor which plays a major role is the choice of the client. Close to the Creek Vistas, a new project by the name of ARKADIANS is also coming to life. It is expected that the project will introduce the soft launch opportunities for there is much attraction that can be seen among the masses for the apartments herein.

In order to give you an idea, the current buying and selling prices of the apartments are mentioned below. The information regarding the prices is genuine and received from accurate sources. Readers must be aware that Property365 does not function to recommend or give any property advice.

Buying and Selling Prices:

  •  3-bedroom apartment is available in the range of Rs.33,500,000 to Rs.35,000,000
  •  4-bedroom apartment is available in the range of Rs.38,000,000 to Rs.44,000,000

Rent for Non-Furnished Apartments:

  •  3-bedroom apartment is available in the range of Rs.115,000 to Rs.125,000 / Month
  •  4-Bedroom Apartment is available in the range of Rs.130,000 to Rs.145,000 / Month

 Rent for Furnished Apartments:

  •  3-Bedroom Apartment is available in the range of Rs.140,000 to Rs.160,000 / Month
  •  4-Bedroom Apartment is available in the range of Rs.200,000 to Rs.220,000 / Month

Note: It is important to be informed that this information is Provided by Dolmen Estate. Also, prices of apartments may vary for a number of reasons, the demand and supply being the important one. In addition to this, the prices of the top apartments are the highest. When demand and supply are the factors, the prices of both buying and selling will be affected.

As per the furnished apartments, since they are not in trend the prices here will vary as well mainly because the furnishings will vary for the different types of furnishings available. The prices are calculated by the ongoing market conditions and these may differ.

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