May 1, 2015

The Iconic DCK Masjid – DHA City Karachi

the iconic DCK Masjid

The DCK masjid will be a beautiful piece of architecture; a visual treat that will be well-ventilated, with ample provision for natural sunlight and air.

  • A seminal district Masjid that has easy accessibility for the inhabitants of:

1. Campsite          2. Healthcare          3. Theme park

  • The iconic Masjid complex can accommodate more than 700 worshippers inside the hall and almost the same amount outside the main Masjid complex.
  • This complex consists of a main building (Masjid), a separate block for toilet & ablution, with a mortuary & pump room with in the complex.
  • Multi purpose utilization of land comprising of prayer Hall & Piazza, which are the core concepts of the building planning for religious buildings.
  • Metallic arches reflecting modernity of building in fusion with Islamic architecture.
  • 4-way glazing with double glazed film.
  • Colour create finish for durability of the building.
  • Easy accessibility for people with disabilities.
  • Contextual planning in terms of material & form.
  • Sustainable in terms of design.
  • Piazza space between the main Masjid & toilet / ablution block.
  • Sky light on toilet, ablution & mortuary block for natural light & ventilation.
  • This complex has a designated space for cars as well as bicycles.
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