September 1, 2015

The Downtown Of DHA City Karachi

DHA City Karachi (DCK) is Defence Housing Authority Karachi’s prestigious project of a modern sustainable city meeting the global standards of quality living. DCK is located along with the natural expansion of Karachi Metropolis. With the help of internationally acclaimed team, DCK will be self sufficient in all basic amenities of life. Some of the key highlights of DCK are:

● Situated on Karachi – Hyderabad Super Highway
● 30 minutes drive from Jinnah International Airport, Karachi
● Spread over 20,000 acres divided into two parcels of land measuring 12,000 acres (DCK South) and 8,000 acres (DCK North) respectively
● Capacity to accommodate a population of over 600,000 people
● Separate districts for health, education, business and residential purposes
● Sustainable infrastructure to ensure availability of all basic utilities
● Liveable by 2016

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The Downtown of DHA City Karachi (DCK) consists of several districts:
● Central Business District
● Culture and Arts District
● Education District
● Central Market District
● Mixed Use District

Central Business District.


The central business district (CBD) developed as a mid-to high-rise zone, with a strategically ordered mixture of height variations, to produce a powerful physical character to the present business core of the new city. The projected program of buildings includes banks, monetary establishments, business services, administrative and public welfare buildings, mixed-use residential blocks, cafes, cinemas, restaurants, luxury hotels, convention centres and parking structures.

Culture and Arts District.


Culture and arts sub-district has been meticulously planned keeping all sides of life in mind. This district is planned solely for arts and cultural activities. The distirct can comprise of

● Auditorium
● Theatre
● Expo Center
● Cinema

Education District.


DHA City Karachi (DCK) believes education is the passport to the future as tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it. Therefore, each sector shall have kindergarten, primary / secondary schools along with a college to provide educational services to residents at their doorstep.

Also, an Education District is designed in the downtown for higher education which will comprise of several universities of international repute. This will work in conjunction with the Healthcare District where medical education shall also be provided in the medical universities planned with the hospitals.

This will work in conjunction with the Healthcare District where medical education shall also be provided in the medical universities planned with the hospitals.

Central Market District.


Central market sub-district is a specialized district that would feature:

● Stand-alone Shops
● Shopping Centers
● Recreational Facilities
● Restaurants
● Parking Lots
● Food Street
● Parks

Mixed Use District.


This district would comprise of:

● Shops
● Offices and Clinics
● Showrooms
● Supermarkets
● Service Apartments
● Hotel
● Cafe / Restaurant
● Gymnasium
● Playgrounds


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