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  • Bahria Paradise Karachi Map Revealed

    Bahria Town Karachi has now officially revealed the map of bahria paradise. Situated amidst Precinct 16, Precinct 15A and Precinct 15B, Adjacent of the beautiful Bahria fountain, Near Jinnah avenue. Development is now being done In full swing. If you….

  • Bahria Town Karachi’s Eight Months Development Progress

    Bahria Town is the force turning the vision of a modern Pakistan into reality. Bahria Town has been shaping landscapes and lives since the company’s inception in 1996. After delivering iconic projects and futuristic developments with world-class amenities, facilities and infrastructure….

  • Bahria Town Karachi Announces Civil Development

    In the history of Pakistan for the first time, private real estate developer is playing a vital role in the development of public infrastructure. With the private investment 1.8 billion rupees, two underpasses and one flyover has been built. All….