May 1, 2014

Sustainable Construction and Building in Pakistan


April 22 is the Earth day and therefore it is important to focus on the practices that environmentally friendly that the construction industry of Pakistan is employing.

These take into account the following:

Utilizing the materials for the insulation of the building, therefore declining the energy consumption

  • Commercial buildings are more designed with ceilings from height of around 12 to 15 feet. This enhances the ventilation allowing the proper space for hot air to increase and frequently allow more space for the cooler air. This decreases the building temperature by around 10 degrees.
  • The usage of Payaal that is a kind of hay replacing the sand bricks in the province of Punjab. It is because the Payaal offers better insulation compared to sand bricks and lets the building stay cooler in summer season and warmer in the winter season.
  • The new projects are replacing the heat generating metals (like steel and roof panels) and replacing them with the lightweight sheaths of Aluminum and even earth bricks. This stops the buildings to get heat up.


Making use of the green construction raw materials for reducing the pollution

  • Materials like wood and sand bricks are utilized instead of the typical mortar in the time of construction of the new buildings. It does not only decrease the emission of C02, but it even reduces the quantity of the waste added during the phase of construction.
  • Clay paints are even being used instead lead paints which produces fumes associated with the lead poisoning and are believed for triggering the side effects consisting of the allergies, nausea and asthma.
  • The ceramic tiles are being used instead of vinyl flooring that let the buildings stay much cooler as they make use of less energy and then decrease the quantity of waste added in the manufacturing process.

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