March 2, 2014

Steps Required for the Construction of Residential Plots in DHA Karachi


Whether you are the owner or the tranferee of the plot, it is important for you to understand the construction process regardless of which kind of plot you have acquired. A recent concept by the name of ‘One Window Operation’ has been launched as per which a guideline has been provided to facilitate the owners regarding the construction.
If you are an owner of a plot at the DHA, the following are points you must remember:

• All owners must Visit to the Central Control Cell in person only
• The architect used must be authorized
• Owners must have read the by-laws booklet before visiting to the Central Control Cell
• The website ( should be visited to download all required forms

Step 1: Issuing the Site Plan
The first step is important because it involves issuance of major documents without which construction cannot proceed. In order to be issued the Site Plan, owners must bring in the following:
• A copy of the Allotment Order/Transfer Order/Mutation/Division
• A copy of the CNIC of the owner
• A copy of the payment receipt
Once the pre-requisite documents are submitted, the Site Plan can be collected on the date given either personally or via the Registered Post.

Step 2: Lease Execution
The Lease ‘A’ grantst the permission to the owner to begin the construction. The application for the Execution of the Sub Lease ‘A’ is to be done via a form which is issued by the DHA Lease branch. The following documents must be attached with the form:
• Application to the administrator stating the request of the Lease with complete information of the owner
• A passport size photograph
• Two copies of the owner’s CNIC along with two copies of each of the witnesses
• No Demand Certificate issued by the Finance Dept of the DHA
• A copy of the transfer/allotment order/division Order
• A receipt after notifying the purchase of construction by-laws at the payment of Rs. 300
• A copy of the Site Plan issued within a period of last two years

Step 3: Building Plan Submission
This step involves the building plan which is prepared and designed by an authorized architect of the DHA along with the owner himself.

Once the Site Plan and the execution of the Sub A Lease step is over and done with, it is the owner’s responsibility to get the building plan designed which is then submitted to the CCC after approval from DHA’s authorized architect. The Building Plan should be attached and submitted with the following documents:

• TP and BC’s application address in order to submit the Building Plan
• Cantonment Board’s issued Application Form A & B (2 Copies)
• Seven copies in total of the Building Plan. One of these must include complete plans and details of the Underground, Septic and Grey Water Connection tank and garbage collection chamber along with details of the Overhead.
• A copy of the Building Plan must also be submitted on a CD designed using the Auto CAD format.
• Seven copies in total of the Site Plans in Ammonia Print. These must be issued by the DHA authority.
• Two photocopies of the CNIC
• A copy of the Sub Lease “A”
• A fresh transfer history letter that is issues by the DHA Tfr and Record Dte.
• An indemnity bond of Rs. 100 stamped on the paper attested for the Basement by the Notary Public.
• Undertaking and Form C also need to be submitted on Rs. 200 stamp paper.

After all the required documents are submitted to the Central Control Cell, a date will be given to the applicant for the collection of all the Building Plan from the Central Control Cell. Once the approval is handed in by the CBC, the documents are then given to the owner and his attorney for the purpose of construction which can be done within two years and also be extended to the third year.

Step 4: Demarcation Letter Issuance
Under this step, the physical possession is given to the allottee or transferee. The possession is handed over by the DHA authority. Furthermore, the staff of the TP & BC Dte is also responsible for the location of the plot to the owner. It is then the owner’s job to get four pillars constructed around the plot. The DHA TP & BC Dte will inspect these pillars and post inspection the Demarcation Letter will be issued.

When applying for the Demarcation Letter, the following documents should be attached as well:
• The original NDC issued by the Finance Directorate
• TP and BC’s application address for the Demarcation Letter to be issued
• A copy of the Sub Lease A’s slip that is issued by the Sub Registrar Clifton Town -I
• A copy of the allotment/transfer, order/amalgamation of the Division Letter
• A copy of the Building Plan’s approval letter
• A copy of the Site Plan issued in Ammonia print by the DHA and the same should be valid for two years
• A copy of the transferee/allotee’s CNIC
Once the above documents are handed in, the owner is then required to visit the additional director planning. When at the director’s, the owner will sign the required documents and will be given a date for the take over the plot in literal terms.

NOC Issuance at Various Stages
The aim of the NOC process is generally to inspect that the construction is moving as per the Site Plan. This step also helps the transferee/allottee to rectify in case a violation has been made. As a result any problems will be known ahead of time and the transferee/ allottee will be saved from making the penalty payments in case of any violations thereof.

In order to be issued the NOC, the owner must submit to the TP and BC Dte during the construction process a copy of the Building Plan approved in the aforementioned steps.
Furthermore, the certification of the approved/licensed structural engineer stated on Form 5 should also be obtained after the completion of several steps within the construction.
Plinth Level
Slab of the Ground Floor
Slab of the First Floor (In the case when the 1st Floor has been constructed)
Stair Tower (In the case if it is constructed)

Step 6: Completion Plan Submission
Once the construction of the building is complete, the owner must then submit the Completion Plan stated on Form 6 in order to obtain the occupancy as well as the approval certificate. DHA Karachi website can also be referred to check the complete procedures.
Step 7: Lease B and C’s Execution
In all there are 99 leases which are executed by the MEO on behalf of the President of Pakistan. The authority or the owner of the plot who has the lease will then be given the rights of the property for a period of 99 years.

DHA has always priortized the future residents as a result of which it also welcomes feedback in order to make DHA a safe and comfortable place to live. DHA along with CBC and MEO are putting their hearts and souls into the effort.

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  2. Masood Ahmed Khan April 16, 2015 Reply

    I have completed my hose in Phase 6, DHA Karachi in 2014 and applied for B lease after completion plan. I have depsited the Documents for B lease in Registrar office DHA, After one year , now they are asking to deposit CVT once again. When I purchased the plot I deposit CVT. I do not know, what is this.

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