December 18, 2015

Pakistan’s First International Theme Park



A construction boom is currently underway in Bahria Town Karachi that will bring in a slew of incredible new rides, slides, sights and frights, the various rides to be in the project are being manufacturing at various sites of bahria town. In additional Street fighter ride work under fast progress has been started since February.

Bahria Town Karachi Theme Park will provide a much needed recreational environment, with fun rides and attractions for families and young ones to enjoy, from Electrifying Roller – Coaster, Grand castle, Incredible Circus, Great Ferris Wheel, take a cheerful Train Ride, experience a Fall in Zero Gravity, Water Rides or observe the spectacular Nighttime Events and entertaining attractions these are perfect for the whole family, mixing thrill with fun, you will not want to miss any of the thrilling adventures that await!. Guests old or young, all love to step back in the time where classic family rides and carousels are a great experience for everyone to share.

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  1. Respected,

    Can you please update about the next balloting for for ballotted plots?

    Further, can u comment on why the BTK prices are geting down day by day, whereas, the DHA city Karachi prices has been increased 30 t0 40 percent in terms of own in last 6 months.

    Hope the comments would be based on a reality n sloid background history of Bahria Town authority.

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