April 25, 2015

Low-Income Housing Schemes

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Because of an inundation of mid and low-income population portions into Pakistan’s urban focuses, the demand for low-income housing plans has seen a continuous increment in the most recent three years. Thus, development builders have embraced mid and low-income residential projects in a few urban areas crosswise over Pakistan.

Successful investors know when and how to move in the market.

If you are looking to invest in low to mid-income housing schemes, factor in the following:

  • The projects are typically spread more than 50 to 500 acres.
  • Each project involves 200 to 1,000 houses based on plots measuring somewhere around 120 and 180 square yards. Because of the constrained secured region, these houses have two to three rooms, a family room, kitchen and just a solitary car park facility.
  • Basic building outlines and reasonable building materials (counting tiles, light apparatuses, doors and windows) are utilized to diminish costs. This brings down construction costs by approximately 15% contrasted with places of comparative sizes with top of the line fittings set up.
  • Recurring maintenance expenses, including those for paint, repair and cleaning, are more or less 8 to 10 % lower than houses with a larger covered area.
  • These projects are generally established on the city edges where empty plots are accessible and buy costs have a tendency to be significantly lower than for plots of comparative sizes situated inside the city.
  • To increase occupancy rates, these projects should be established closer to city centres, as commuting time and expenses are important considerations for buyers.
  • To ensure affordability, prices should preferable ideally be set 40 to 50% lower than those of luxury houses and apartments, with similar acreage, in every neighbourhood.
  • These projects are being established in the following cities:


Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway.


Army Welfare Trust, Beacon House Society and NFC Housing Society.


MDA Cooperative Housing Scheme, Phase-1, WAPDA Town and PIA Housing Society.


D Type Colony, FDA City and WAPDA City.

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  1. 03447703302 can some body confirm

  2. guy’s is it true or someone made a fun of poor people like us

  3. Dear benefactor – Assalamoalaikum

    Do you seriously looking for poor and needy persons to contact with you in respect of Housing and get their difficulties overcome.

    Can I know the details of your projects, what are you are concentrating, in Lahore, Karachi and other city if any.

    Let me have the price (cost of each unit) single and/or flat with complete proof that the land is owned by you and your company’s name as it is a public limited company under Company’s Ordinance and you have your board and I need their names such as who are the people working for the benefit of poor and how they are generating money from, sources please indicate, do you have audited accounts and published them for the information of general ordinary poor persons. What is the status of land and how much cost occurred and how you take back the money from your allottee if any, how many past projects you had completed, in which city (ies) please furnish details and then if I feel satisfied myself so can enter with you a contract to buy a house in your project. Please feel comfortable and send me the name of your President (Chairman) with his/her cell number and whatsup or facebook and IMO, VIBER etc.

    Be happy and kind regards.

    M Osman Khan
    A concerned citizen of Pakistan
    Homeless person and need a shelter to hide himself/family member

  4. Muhammad Nadeem Ansari February 24, 2017 Reply

    Sir I am low income person and married person I am residing in rental house but not affordable sir please give me a 2 rooms house / flat
    I will be very thankful to you Sir
    Thanking you sir
    Mobile # 03222601421

  5. MAZLOOM HUSSAIN October 20, 2016 Reply

    Dear Sir,
    1. Sir I Mr Mazloom Hussain S/O Syed Noor Nabi Shah R/O District Thatta (Sindh). Sir, I retired from Pakistan Army in 2013 and getting monthly pension @Rs Ten thousand per month. Sir, belong with poor family and I have NO house till today, I am living in rental house in Gulshan-e-hadeed Karachi because I am serving (Job) in private company at Port Qasim. Sir I humbly requesting to you that if possible be accommodate / allot me house somewhere in Karachi or Hyderabad, Thatta keeping in mind my financial willpower easy installment i.e 9000/- per month.
    2. I have no source of income even I could not pay any advance as well. In this regards I need your personal / special help on account of my own house dream comes true in my life.
    3. I will be thankful any way if you accept my request or not. I only hope that anybody can do it its will you sir

    Thanks sir

  6. Mohammad Raheel Khan October 4, 2016 Reply

    How can i get the said plot/home.
    please guide.

    Best Rgds,
    Mohammad Raheel Khan.

  7. Sohail Ali August 6, 2016 Reply

    Sir I am low income person and married person I am reside in rental house but not affordable sir please give me a 2 room house / flat
    I shall be very thankful to you Sir
    Thanking you sir
    Mobile # 03313601541

  8. Sir! plz tell me when will start this scheme?

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