February 21, 2014

Emaar, Crescent Bay

Emaar Crescent Bay Karachi

Making miracles possible all over Dubai, Emaar has been a prominent name in the past couple of years. This real estate giant is now brings its wonders to Karachi with the launch of its new project named Crescent Bay. Situated at the Beach Avenue, Phase 8, Crescent Bay is the perfect example of a dream come true. Merging luxury, comfort and quality into breathtaking complexes, Emaar has certainly brought a breakthrough development in the world of real estate.

Luxury apart, this new complex offers an excellent view of the Arabian Sea and is equipped in itself with modern amenities that are set to blow your mind away. The entire Crescent Bay is further broken down into three subprojects which are namely:

  • Crescent Bay 1
  • Crescent Bay 2
  • Crescent Bay 3

Each of the three bays is entirely different and set around a unique theme. Let’s have a look:
Crescent Bay 1 is built around the idea of business and consumerism. A luxurious hotel will be made to sit on the north most location of the property. In addition to this, a big shopping mall, a long path of public beach and a variety of boutiques, restaurants and shops will also be witnessed on this bay. Four upright towers provide a calm environment for business here in the Crescent Bay 1.

Crescent Bay 2 revolves around the concept of a perfect neighborhood and perhaps an urban one. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities such as a modern park, sports area and playgrounds for children, the Crescent Bay 2 is perfect for anyone who wants to live larger than life.

Crescent Bay 3 is the most exclusive residential complexes and offers an excellent retail patch situated along the beach. Designed keeping in mind the privacy of families, this bay also includes private parks, vehicle access, swimming pools and beautiful walkways which add to the whole picture of the bay.
At present, booking for Crescent Bay has been started in the Crescent Bay 3 which features 5 towers in total. Three of these towers are known as Pearl while the other two are called by the name of Reef Towers. You can make your choice from the following open for booking at Bay 3:


1,2,3 & 4 bedroom apartments


2, 3 & 5 bedroom penthouses


2 & 4 bedroom townhouses

You can book your desired area in the Crescent Bay at 10% down payment. Furthermore, for bookings, you must bring along your CNIC and check book. Hurry, before this wonder of Emaar properties becomes full and booked!

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  1. Kindly provide the price list and availability of 2 bedroom town house in Crescent Bay Karachi property.

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