January 7, 2016

DHA Oasis Karachi Farmhouses Phase 2 & Chalets



Options For Continuation Of Registration

1. After huge success of DHA Oasis Farmhouses Phase-1, DHA Karachi is pleased to announce following options available to our valued clients who participated wholeheartedly in the registration:

 a. The Registration is maintained with DHA Karachi for the following upcoming products of DHA Oasis Karachi:

             (1) Chalets.

             (2) Farmhouses Phase-2

b. Refund of the Registration amount minus processing fee Rs. 25000/-.

2. The advantages of maintaining registration with DHA Oasis Karachi are as follows:

a. Saving of Rs. 15000/- (the processing fee component in the Registration Amount) as only Rs. 10,000/- will be utilized for Registration of new products of DHA Oasis Karachi.

b. No hassle of filling up Registration Form, preparation of Drafts/ Pay Orders and depositing Forms once again in the Banks.

3. Please intimate about your choice on the attached Form by 25 January 2016 for our further necessary action.

To download Application Form, please click here

If you want to Buy/Sell Plots in DHA City Karachi, feel free to Contact Eizy Estate at (021) 111 365 636, 0300-8261179 or 0321-2040077.


6 Comments on "DHA Oasis Karachi Farmhouses Phase 2 & Chalets"

  1. Kashif Shamsi April 4, 2017 Reply

    Any updates regarding balloting of farm house phase II and dha chalets. Almost 2 years has been passed and amount is still at your end.

  2. shakoor Muhammad March 9, 2017 Reply

    please intimate when the farm houses phase 2 and chalets will be launched and balloting will be conducted ?

  3. shakoor Muhammad March 9, 2017 Reply

    can we be informed when the farmhouses phase 2 and chalts will be launched ?

  4. AOA could you please update the new upcoming projects of DHA & also if I want to apply for farm house 2 so how I can apply what is the procedure.

    Thanks & Regards


  5. Can u provide info on Chalets in Phase 2.Tye size and prize tag.Approximate time of launch.

  6. Kindly highlight the size , price and payment schrdule for chalets.

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