July 6, 2014

DHA City Karachi Water Resources


DHA City Khi Yearly Water Demand (MGD):

DHA City Karachi (DCK) bags the honor of being predicted as ‘The first ever sustainable city of Pakistan’ serving as a role model for potential self-sufficient cities in the country as well as abroad. DCK aims to build a city that provides its residents calm, secure, well-organized, and a beautiful lifestyle.

Ground Water:

Estimated water requirement for DCK, till 2020, are about 4-5 MGD which is expected to be met using the ample amount of available underground water in the area as borehole test results of DCK came out to be successful. According to the borehole test analysis, the underground water available is high quality drinking water with a good TDS value; all results are positive.  Tube wells of about 40-210 gpm seem to be a good idea with 800-2000 TDS.


K-IV Water Project:

32 MGD is expected to be required for DCK from K-IV, a 650 MGD water project for the city of Karachi. The K-IV project will be laid out over a distance of about 124 Kilometers stretching from Keenjhar Lake to the Northern Bypass. Water will be supplied to DCK from the main reservoir, in Karachi Education City, 4 Kilometers away.

Sources of Water Supply:

1. Ground Water: The set target is 5 MGD minimum, however, sustainable yield will be determined after the investigation completes.

2. K-IV Project: The city of Karachi is bound to rely on K-IV as the main water source for its future requirements.

3. Treated Sewage Discharge: 30 MGD is 80% of domestic consumption of water. 11.25 MGD to be recharged through irrigation.

4. Rainwater Runoff: Assessments show that the mean volume of annual runoff at the catchment area of Deh Abdar is about 115 MG.

5. Supplementary Water Source: Khadeji and Mol will tend to serve as offsite dams.

6. Recharge through Groundwater:
13 MGD can potentially be recharged through check dams, DCK lakes, and other methods.


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  1. the ground water data presented above require immediate update and corrections

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