February 26, 2014

DHA City Karachi, The 21st Century City of Pakistan

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When you want a good combination of modern amenities and well planned infrastructure, DHA CITY (DCK) is just the answer to that. Attracting not only the locals but the foreigners alike, the project will be equipped with excellent road system, health care facilities, educational institutes and other recreational options that will enhance the lifestyle of its future inhabitants. While building the DHA CITY (DCK), topography of the land has been given special attention. Other features of the DHA CITY (DCK) include parks, lakes, bird aviary and much more. A safe and healthy environment awaits you at DHA CITY (DCK).

One of the main objectives that the DHA CITY (DCK) project revolves around is the production and sustainment of its own energy. The minds behind the project have derived innovative means as per which energy to power DHA CITY will be partly generated using solar panels and the wind. In order make the locality free from harmful elements, the team is also working on ways to recycle dirty water so that the environment remains healthy for all. These are several propositions which have set DHA CITY (DCK) apart from all similar projects. Besides implementing new technology, the project has actually turned to be the trendsetter which means all new features it incorporates will be used as benchmarks for the many more projects which will be carried out in future.

The experts involved in the planning of the infrastructure of DHA CITY Karachi have equipped the locality with 10 to 12 communities and to ensure a peaceful environment multifamily homes and commercial centers are not made part of the DHA CITY . Roads, educational institutes, shops and mosques have been placed strategically so that less transportation can be involved for those visiting them on a regular basis. Moreover, the structure of the road has been designed keeping in mind the pedestrians as well as the bikers.
Extra care and effort has been spent on the transportation system which incorporates two roads which give complete access to Superhighway such that the distance is reduced. A North-South road systems aims to connect the Southern area with Superhighway while the East West route reduces the distance between DHA CITY Karachi itself and other major developments in the region.

DHA CITY (DCK) is very accessible and several attempts have been made to reduce the distance from a number of points. Malir River Expressway project for instance will be a big hit for it aims to bring down the distance between DHA CITY (DCK) and the city center to 30 minutes only.
To ensure that the right of education is provided to all, DHA CITY (DCK) will have a number of schools and colleges. An international standard university is also a part of the project which will offer postgraduate education to those who are ambitious and passionate about their futures. The Health City at DHA CITY (DCK) also includes a Medical College and a training hospital where proper health facilities will be provided to the inhabitants of the DHA CITY (DCK).

Security at DHA CITY Karachi is also kept strict. Electronic surveillance accompanied by checks at gates, security walls around the city and central entrance gate will ensure that the inhabitants of the DHA CITY (DCK) live a worry free life. In addition to this, DHA CITY (DCK) aims to attract individuals from all over the region to indulge in business activities or enjoy the shopping experience in this urban locality. Art and Convention Centers at DHA CITY (DCK) will enhance the beauty of the project.

Finally, it will not be wrong to call DHA CITY the 21st century city of Pakistan. When modern lifestyles are sought after, DHA CITY will be the sole answer to all of them. Moreover the project will stand as a model for all developments and will provide a life of peace and tranquility to its residents.

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