June 4, 2014

DHA City Karachi Sector 3 Plot Number Map


DHA City Karachi (DCK) is located on the Karachi-Hyderabad Superhighway at the eastern border of Karachi, bordering Thatta District in the South and Jamshoro District in the East. The project is strategically situated at a distance of 56 km from the city core area of Karachi, 35 km from the Karachi Airport, 26 km from the Toll Plaza and about 120 km from Hyderabad City.

The entire project is based over an area of 11,640 acres and incorporates residential, commercial and a mix of both. Recently, the project has also taken into account an additional land of 8000 acres which makes up the Package II of the DCK City.

If you want to Buy/Sell Plots in DHA City Karachi, feel free to Contact Dolmen Estate at 0300-8261179 or 0321-2040077. 

The DHA City Karachi has earned reputation as the one of the safest and best planned projects. Some of the facilities which will become major highlights of the project include schools, shopping arenas, recreation centers and other facilities for work. Merging international standards and local property, the project is going to be a model for other future projects in the city.

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  1. Being an o/s Pakistani,can I Txfr Pk Rs on line from my Pakistani bank a/c to BAH for the ballot DAH city karachi.2017
    As I am residing here in uae

  2. I want to invest in 300 or 500 yes plot in DHA Pls mention suitable sector for 2 yrs

  3. sir can you tell me the rate off sector 3 residential 200 sq yd plot available or not if yes then tell me the price but only in sector 3

    • Author

      On money of Civilian 200 yds Residential Plot is Around 27 lac.
      Kind Regards
      Dolmen Estate
      Syed Abul Hassan

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