April 12, 2016

DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices April 2016

dha city april

DHA City Karachi (DCK) Project is situated on the Karachi-Hyderabad Superhighway which is lined along the eastern border of the city. Development work in DHA City is going at fast pace.

DHA City Karachi Category Details.

J- Category plots were allotted to Civilians.
A- Category plots were allotted to Serving Army Officers.
B- Category plots were allotted to Retired Army Officers.
K- Category plots were allotted to DHA Officers.
S- Category plots were allotted to DHA Employees these are full-paid plots.

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Above mention Prices are only the On Money (Premium) of DCK Plots and the Instalments, Down payment are not included.  Sectors near Super Highway and Development work is going on  have higher on money (Premium) than the Sectors which are far from Super highway.
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The aforementioned information is provided by Eizy Estate . However, one must note that the prices may vary due to a couple of reasons such as availability, location of the plot, Sector and the type of other plots located in this area. Demand and supply are also important market forces which cannot be overlooked. Prices are evaluated and interpreted on the basis of the current market, however there is no guarantee that they may remain unchanged. Prices may also fluctuate as individual needs vary.

If you want to Buy/Sell Plots in DHA City Karachi, feel free to Contact Eizy Estate at (021) 111 365 636, 0300-8261179 or 0321-2040077.

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30 Comments on "DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices April 2016"

  1. i have plote in seoctor 14a from army 125sq yard
    and i want to sell it contt me 03015591804 e mail m.shahzad05757@gmail.com

  2. I intend selling my A category corner plot in sector 3A. Anyone with a REAL DECENT offer can contact 03414995318 (via SMS).

  3. What is the price for 9B 500 sq yard residential plot?

  4. Muhammad Khursheed July 29, 2016 Reply

    what is updated price of Plot 318 sector 5A CAT=J

  5. Naveed Ahmed June 27, 2016 Reply

    salam.I want to sell a plot of 200 yrd civilian in13.c dha city. full paid. pl.contact on my cell.03363736182 with whats app.
    or mail.. ahmeds_international@yahoo.com

  6. What is the current OWN price on 500 yards civilian plot in 9-D DHA City, please?

  7. Mohammad Anwer June 2, 2016 Reply

    Respected Sir,

    In location DHA phase six 2000 gaz boundary wall with NOC available for sale demand 22 crore.

    DHA phase 8 2000 gaz plot available for sale demand 16 crore finale.

    In DHA five 1000 gaz bunglow build 500 gaz with all facilities for sale final 9 crore with Bank through.



  8. Please provide the current own money price for 500 Yards plot in sector 16B Army B Category

  9. Aqib Khalil Khan May 30, 2016 Reply


    Please tell me sell price for a 200 sqr yd plot, J category.



  10. Want to sell 12c plot immediately. What is the current price and only genuine buyer to call on 03218382075

    • Umer Asghar May 28, 2016 Reply

      Contact our Sales Consultant Syed Abul Hasan 0321-2040077

  11. Sarfraz khan May 20, 2016 Reply

    300sq yard 4B yellow zone k category plot number 288 what is the market value?

    • Umer Asghar May 27, 2016 Reply

      The current on money of Sector 4-B 300 Yards K-Category plot is 80 lacs.

  12. Res plots 4c-300 and 13b-200 want to sale 50 & 68 respectively.

    • Umer Asghar May 27, 2016 Reply

      The current on money of Sector 4-C 300 Yards J-Category plot is 80 lacs.
      The current on money of Sector 13-B 200 Yards J-Category plot is 65 lacs.

  13. naveed nawab April 29, 2016 Reply

    KORANGI INDUSTRIAL AREA (The Heart of Industries in Karachi) Factory (ground + three floors), 400 yards, Korangi Industrial Area, Sector 6-H, Mehran Town (Opposite National Refinery) Shan Chowrangi, ideal for Garment , hosiery, godown, Warehouse, Mobile Antenna, with 50 KW Electricity Load approved PMT, Gas, with 2 Bed rooms attached bath and office for Manager/Supervisor, 2 Baths separately for male and female on each floors for Labours and Staff , approved building plan from KBCA, Security Guard Room, 10000 Gallons water Storage capacity CONTACT NAVEED NAWAB 0300-2241532

    DEMAND 2.80 Crore PREMIUM
    CONTACT: NAVEED NAWAB 0300-2241532

  14. syed umer April 29, 2016 Reply

    Wats the current price 200 sq cat-j 13-b

    • Umer Asghar May 27, 2016 Reply

      The current on money of Sector 13-B 200 Yards J-Category plot is 65 lacs.

  15. Muhammad Asif Afzal April 24, 2016 Reply

    what is the ON money on J-RES-200 (13-B) and J-RES-300 (4-C)

  16. what is the ON money on J-RES-200 (13-B) and J-RES-300 (4-C).

  17. Umar sahib,
    Please advise the price ON of a 500 yards civil plot in 9-D?

  18. I want to sell my plot sector 5C 500 yards
    Please advise about current market price.

    Waiting for the reply



  19. s wajahat April 16, 2016 Reply

    Dear mr.umer(eizy estate)
    i have plot 200sq j-cat 13b (dha c-j res 8992)
    Want to know the price at how much can be sold.
    current price

    • Dear mr.umer(eizy estate)
      plot 200sq j-cat 13b
      Want to know the price at how much can be sold.
      Now a days

  20. Aoa,

    Sir you are doing an excellent job.Thanks for updating us.

  21. What is the today’s 500 yards 9-D DHA city civil plot, please.

    • Umer Asghar May 27, 2016 Reply

      The current on money of 9-D 500 Yards J-Category plot is 93 to 95 lacs.

  22. Thank you for the update sir.

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