August 12, 2017

Cul De Sac Plots at DHA City Karachi

All over the world CUL-DE-SAC plots are considered the best and prime property in any scheme. The reason being that they eliminate traffic and enhances safety and security especially for children. The scheme also reduces congestion, pollution and greatly reduces accidents. It establishes a community within, encouraging interaction between neighbors. Due to the tight community, chances of burglary are highly reduced. Furthermore, controlled exits mean that gated communities can be established.

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DHA City Karachi, being the first planned, sustainable and smart city of Pakistan, is also providing CUL-DE-SAC plots.

To develop culture for this safe & sustainable way of living, DHA City Karachi has given incentives for CUL-DE-SAC plots which include:\

  • Permission to construct additional room with toilet on the roof top,
  • Increase in allowable cover area by 10%,
  • Detachable car porch in front where applicable,
  • Collation of gate as per the convenience of owner, where applicable.


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