February 26, 2014

Benefits of cul-de-sac Town Planning

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DHA City Karachi is going to be built around the foundation of cul-de-sac town planning. In such types of towns, streets or passages are closed at one end.
The following are the advantages of cul-de-sac town planning:

1. This type of planning reduces road traffic on the residential streets within the subdivision, which thus reducescongestion, pollution and the number of accidents.

2. The cul-de-sac or loop streets rarely integrate four-way intersections, which creates a lesser chance of fatal car crashes as compared to other intersection types in general.

3. Cul-de-sac streets create a wider area for children to play around openly as they reduce the amount of accidents faced by children.

4. Building residences around the cul-de-sac road patterns is significantly economical in terms of infrastructure and building costs as it lets them use an uneven space in a more constructive manner by letting them built estate around river edges and property lines.

5. Cul-de-sac road patterns are eco-friendly as they allow greater usage of residential land by letting builders use the land around stream creeks and forest growth.

6. Cul-de-sac roads are great idea for gated communities as they decrease the number of roads required and have controlled exits and entries.


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