March 1, 2014

Be aware of Fraud Schemes of Bahria Town

Be aware of Fraud Schemes of Bahria Town

Bahria Town has not launched any of its project in Hyderabad, Nawabsaha , Sukkur and Peshawar.Bahria Town has indented to launch its projects in all of these cities in future . But currently theseprojects are in a planning phase.

But Bahria Town administration got information that some people are doing the illegal booking for theseprojects by using the name of Bahria Town and it is the prime duty of Bahria Town to bring this scam into the notice of the people so they cannot be trapped by those fake and fraud cheaters. In fact Bahria

Town has the right to take legal actions against them.Bahria Town will definitely inform about the launch of any of its new project in any of the city by advertisements.Currently only Bahria Town Karachi Overseas Block booking is opened.

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