March 26, 2014

Bahria Town Karachi Revised Transfer Fees


Bahria Town, one of the leading real estate companies of Pakistan has announced another mega project for the metropolitan city of Karachi.

Bahria Town is the force turning the vision of a modern Pakistan into reality. Bahria Town has been shaping landscapes and lives since the company’s inception in 1996. After delivering iconic projects and futuristic developments with world-class amenities, facilities and infrastructure to the scale of ‘a city within a city’ in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore, Bahria Town now in Karachi.



If you want to Buy/Sell Plot, Bungalow or Apartment in Bahria Town Karachi, Contact Dolmen Estate at 0300-8261179 or 0321-2040077. 

Residential Plots:

  • 125 Square Yards: PKR 6,000/-
  • 250 Square Yards: PKR 27,500/-
  • 500 Square Yards: PKR 37,500/-
  • 1000 Square Yards: PKR 67,500/-
  • 2000 Square Yards: PKR 165,000/-

Commercial Plots:

  • 125 Square Yards: PKR 95,000/-
  • 200 Square Yards: PKR 155,000/-
  • 250 Square Yards: PKR 175,000/-

Bahria Homes:

  • 125 Square Yards: PKR 32,500/-
  • 200 Square Yards: PKR 37,500/-

Bahria Apartments:

  • 2 Bedroom (950 Square Feet): PKR 22,500/-
  • 3 Bedroom (2250 Square Feet): PKR 50,000/-
  • 4 Bedroom (2950 Square Feet): PKR 67,500/-


These rates are only applicable till the due date of 1st installment of file.
Once the Due date of 1st installment pass Original transfer fees rates will reinstate.
1st installment will be due in the month of may 2014. 

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45 Comments on "Bahria Town Karachi Revised Transfer Fees"

  1. Hello there
    I am interested to buy 125 sq Villa on prime location with plot Number and I am also want to buy 250 sq plot on prime location balloted.
    If any one want to sell then contact me.
    Tell me your office address too.

  2. Zeeshan Abbasi January 9, 2016 Reply

    Asalm O Alikum
    I am willing to buy Plots 125/250/500 sy or Villa 200 sy in Bahria town Karachi.
    WhatsApp/Viber : +974 70014503.

  3. Muhammad Amin August 8, 2015 Reply

    I want to buy Bahria home 200 square yard. Any one interested to sell.

    • Muhammad Arqam September 29, 2015 Reply

      Bahria home 200 square yard for sale in bahria town karachi, 6 installments paid. You can contact me on this number 03216359574 and email me at for any query related to this bahria home Project: Bahria Home Registration no: BTKH-MWG0143 App No: FBA780641 Plot No: 1637 Plot Size: 200 sq yards Block: Precinct-10

  4. Dear, If some1 wants to sell Bahria Twon Khi 240 or 500yds plots, plz send me the quotation, one day payment,Regards,Akhtar,

  5. Anyone interested in 2 Bedroom (950 Square Feet).
    4 installment paid.


  6. MUHAMMAD KHALID April 1, 2015 Reply


    As I am paying all instalment within due time or before but didn’t get the “Update Surcharge report” also they call me for submitting the instalamet as I already paid. When call or writing for email no response. So very disappontment

  7. I am interested to buy 250 yard overseas block any body sell please contact me at

  8. Naeem Baig January 7, 2015 Reply

    I am interested in buying 250 SQYD plot in Jan-2015. What will be cost of plot and how much i have to pay over and above the cost. Please send the details. Also let me know the prices vary from block to block or depend on location

  9. Dear
    I want opal and icon open registration email me prices..

  10. Rizwan Rasheed August 24, 2014 Reply

    I have a plot of 125 sq yards. I paid 2 installments also for this plot. I want to exchange this 125 sq yards plot with 250 sq yards. If anyone interested please contact on my email id.

  11. i am interesting 125 & 250 yrd please contract me and give me details about bahria town karachi project.



  12. I want to sale 125 sq yards n want to buy 250 Sq yards tell me amount

    • Contact us for the latest rates

      Abul Hassan

  13. abdul wahad beg July 31, 2014 Reply

    sir, I am interested in 500-yd residential plot or bungalow of 240-yd in Bahria project at super highway. thank you

  14. I am interested in buying 250 SQYD plot . What will be cost of plot and how much i have to pay over and above the cost. Please send the details. Also let me know the prices vary from block to block or depend on location. All the NIC original and copy is with my father. please advise can my father do the deal and transfer on my name with out any NOC.

  15. I am interested in buying 250 SQYD plot in May 2014. What will be cost of plot and how much i have to pay over and above the cost. Please send the details. Also let me know the prices vary from block to block or depend on location

  16. Pls confirm buying and selling rate for 1000 Sq yrd plot file.

  17. I am offering 125 yards double story home in Bahria Town Karachi overseas block it’s a golden opportunity for investment at this time when the own is minimum. Sooner the own will go very high. I am selling it because I already have two home can’t pay installments for 3. Bahria town is completing 1st block this year which will make home prices even higher

    Strongly recommended to invest for your family and children

    Total home price payable in 4 years = 49,000 US dollar (May get double in coming years)
    Cash amount paid = 5,000 US$
    Own = 1,500 US$
    Due 1st installment on 10 June 2014 = 2,800 US$
    Total you have to pay me before paying submit 1st installment = 6,500 US$
    Total you have to pay after paid 1st installment = 9,500 US$.

    Quarterly installment: 2,800 US$ next is due in September.

    For transfer no need to travel to Karachi It can be done through authority letter and plot will be transferred on your name

    Pay the full amount after plot gets transferred on your name. Plot is on your name or not can be found out by sending an email or calling bahria town office

    for more details about the project you can visit
    If any buddy want to buy or any Pakistani interested to purchase please call me.


  18. What is the process of transfer residential plot now. I have already deposited the first installment and I have heard that first we need to deposit transfer fee to obtain the NDC and without paying the transfer fee we cannot get NDC.

    I will appreciate if you can update with the latest procedure of transfer.

    • May 29, 2014 Reply

      To Apply for NDC you first need to pay first installment and transfer fees whose slips will be attached with NDC form to submit. then it takes 3 to 4 days for you to get NDC.

      • Thank you for quick response. Where to deposit the transfer fee..?? Any detail??

  19. wanted to sell 125 Sq yard residential plot. 1st instalment paid. please contact on my email addrss if anyone interested.Demand 3 lack.

  20. Naeem Ali Khan May 13, 2014 Reply

    I am interested in buying 250 SQYD plot in May 2014. What will be cost of plot and how much i have to pay over and above the cost. Please send the details.Also let me know the prices vary from block to block or depend on location.

    • May 14, 2014 Reply

      the details have been emailed to you or for contac please call 0333-3062105

  21. Till when the discounted transfer fee of 250sq. yard residential plot i.e. 27500/- is valid? what if the first installment already paid.

  22. I have applied for NDC for 250sq. yard residential plot. Last date of 1st installment is 7th. May 2014. What if I pay the installment before transfer or transfer the plot after 7th. May, 2014. What will be the transfer amount after 7th. May.

    • May 6, 2014 Reply

      Sir, the transfer fee will be the same till 10th july. Both cases have no difference either you pay installment now or later.

  23. Zeeshan May 5, 2014 Reply

    Till when revised transfer fees (for 125 Sq = 6000) is valid? I saw some post stating that it is valid till July 6, 2014. Can transfer be done after 1st instalment payment? Please confirm.

    • May 5, 2014 Reply

      yes the transfer fee is reduced till june 6 2014 , and the transfers can be done after instalments

  24. Shaikhzia April 2, 2014 Reply

    Thanks for your cooperation

  25. Zeeshan qazi April 1, 2014 Reply

    I am out of Pakistan now and I purchased one Unopen certificate of BTK before balloting from my relative and booked 500 sq. yards residential plot. Now i will come to Pakistan in August. But then the transfer fees might increase. Is it possible if I can pay the transfer fees now with the discounted price and transfer the plot under my name in August?

    • April 2, 2014 Reply

      Yes you can transfer it before first installment. Only the selling party must be present at the time of transfer but the buyer may authorize any person with authority letter.

  26. what is the quarterly installment amount for the 250 SY 500 SY plots and 200 SY home ? Thanks

  27. What is a “Valid N.D.C” ???

    • March 29, 2014 Reply

      Please contact us Dolmen estate 021-35248557-8 mob : 0333-3062105

  28. sakhi z. awan March 27, 2014 Reply


  29. sakhi z. awan March 27, 2014 Reply

    this page is very helpful for to find property in bahria town karachi and as well get information/remain up to date with activities of the Bahria town.

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