August 4, 2015

Bahria Town Heaven On Earth


Pakistan Ka Bahria Town – Bahria Town Ka Pakistan!

Your Life Style Destination.

Bahria Town is the power transforming the vision of present day Pakistan into reality. Being the private engineer Bahria Town assumed a noteworthy part in the picture building of Pakistan abroad by creating world class groups and kept up the universal benchmarks as well. A great many individuals are as of now living in Bahria Town tasks and appreciating the offices, gave to occupants.

Bahria Town has been forming scenes and lives in Pakistan since the organization’s beginning in 1996. Not simply building homes, Bahria Town has created quality included, expert arranged groups lodging a large number of families getting a charge out of a complete living background.

Vision Of Bahria Town.

To fabricate the future, we require thoughts, the free stream of those thoughts, and the compelling utilization of human force and innovation to shape those thoughts into groundbreaking ground substances. Globalization makes this continually conceivable and less demanding, following the historic points in extravagance way of life around the globe, that took hundreds of years to be assembled and idealized, is the precious gems of our motivation.

Yet, there is a great deal more to be accomplished, numerous original thoughts to be considered, and a large number skylines holding up to be found. Bahria Town anticipates motivate the world more than it rouses us.


Prime Mover Of Pakistan’s Real Estate.

Bahria Town is driving authority, spearheading advancement and making a legacy for eras to come. Bahria Town is the prime mover of the Pakistan’s land and development segment.

Made direct business for 25,000 individuals and 100,000 families. Giving monetary sustenance to more than 1 Million families through production network and related livelihood. Produced interest for 55 manufacturing plants from bond, paint, blocks, glass and tiles to aluminium. Bahria Town has paid immediate and circuitous expenses worth billions of rupees to the government.

Infrastructure Development.

Conveyed and added to Asia’s biggest private lodging plan. Improvement undertakings of billions of rupees which have acquainted another way of life with the country. Bahria Town keeps up its indigenous undertaking improvement division with gear worth more than Rs. 6.5 billion.

Conveyed groups the measure of urban areas with complete base including network stations, doctor’s facilities, schools, recreational offices, security, civic luxuries, utilities, crisis administrations and advanced way of life in a gated group.

Resolved to connect the yearly deficiency of 700,000 houses by giving lodging arrangements beginning from Rs. 3.5 Lakhs, indulging all financial classes.

Bahria Town Dastarkhwan.

Well beyond the contribution of Bahria Town in distinctive parts, Bahria Town has concocted another social venture of Bahria Dastarkhwan to sustain the underprivileged individuals and for the individuals who are incapable get the essential nourishment. “Bahria Town Dastarkhwan” is sans giving suppers every day to hard-up individuals.

Providing daily free meals to more than 35,000 people throughout Pakistan under Bahria Town Dastarkhwan.

Welfare By Bahria Town.

Thousands advantage from free therapeutic treatment extending from dialysis to open heart surgery, bone marrow transplant to general medications in 3 huge Bahria Town Trust doctor’s facilities. Portable dispensaries giving free medications in rustic territories.

Customary budgetary backing to Al-Shifa Trust, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust, Sahara Trust, SOS Village and numerous more welfare associations. Running places for more than 4,000 vagrants with instructive and hotel offices.

Conveyed a great many Pakistan’s first minimal effort 5 marla places of Rs 3.5 and 5 Lakhs just. Directed joined relational unions of more than 4,500 couples. Giving small scale account advances to understudies in Rawalpindi Agricultural University. Running different schools, organizations and universities in diverse urban communities and towns with more than 7,000 understudies.

Continuously at the cutting edge in helping the country in times of regular cataclysms & awful occurrences, for example, the 2005 staggering quake, Margalla Tower & fire at the Marriott Hotel and Ghakhar Plaza Rawalpindi. Additionally drove numerous alleviation groups for the guide of IDP’s, which gave money related, restorative & nourishment help. Medicinal Camp built up at Swabi has served more than 30,000 patients as of now.


Careers At Bahria Town.

Bahria Town will develop as an organization through the development of their kin’ sets the tone for the Company arrangements towards representative minding and consistent improvement. Their kin are the most profitable resource.

The billions rupee worth of device, vision testing wide scene and the best of development are all pointless unless the human vitality attracts each one of these benefits towards affirmation of the dream.

Pakistan Bahria town

Healthy People Healthy Community.

Regular medicinal camps are held by the Bahria Town worked doctor’s facilities in Islamabad and Lahore. These camps give free or exceptionally sponsored medications, for example, Immunization of the offspring of the group for every irresistible disease, Offer of arrangement at exceedingly financed rates to the low pay stratum, Preventive composition scattering amongst occupants for gathering care, Round the clock therapeutic crisis and emergency vehicle administration and so forth.

Graceful Lifestyle For All.

Civic amenities for the whole group including an advantageous transport framework, business offices, recreational alternatives. Uniform lawfulness through security watches and a scout guests. Clean and kept up foundation with trustworthy utility supplies like power, gas, phone and link.

Green Is Life.

The Special Parks Support Department guarantees that the regular vegetation and environment are kept up. Fascinating ranch is additionally foreign made to give selective touch to our advancements. All activities are eco-accommodating. Pre-evaluations guarantee that the offset is kept up between common assets like trees, greens, water bodies and the shoppers i.e. tenants. Movement for any sort of natural life and valuable plants is anticipated every unearthing work.

Nature’s Land Engineering Design.

Arranging consolidates extraordinary accentuation on the characteristic geology with a center to refine its concealed style and not to adjust the format inside and out. This guarantees soundness of the undergrounds for seismic resistance both for Bahria Town and the adjoining or area belt sharing natural surroundings. Nature is the best craftsman. We try to expand on the same. Vitality, water and assets, both normal and man-made, are used effectively.


Quality Products For The Publics.

Bahria Town item range contains a fit for everybody, each taste and each pocket. This is the reason Bahria Town groups really portray an adjusted community representation. Quality is maintain at ‘all costs’, in all designs, across nation-wide massive developments and beyond the customer experience.

Contribution To A Sustainable Local & National Economy.

Bahria Town has made job for more than 20,000 specialists, both straightforwardly and in a roundabout way. Bahria Town has both restored and created numerous development part backing and supplier concerns along these lines sparing the land business through and through. Remote capital inflow has come to uncommon levels in light of the presentation got by the area division through Bahria Town progressions

Composed endeavors with outside planning and specific associations has supported shared learning, trade of bleeding edge advancement and latest & most secure examples being developed building; One such illustration has been the dispatch of Awami Villas. These recreated steel structure patent configuration and innovation is front line and time tested.

Bahria Town Home Insurance.

Without precedent for Pakistan an expert engineer is giving full insurance to its occupants in the event of Fire & Theft. Bahria Town is managing the most trustworthy names in the protection area.

Bahria Town tries to be Pakistan’s most noteworthy developer of all times, with ventures offered to a mixed blend of sections , at decision areas with world class luxuries, while guaranteeing the most astounding worldwide norms, opportune conveyance, and long lasting consumer loyalty.



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