April 24, 2015

Architectural Trend in 2015


A good renovation or a complete makeover can give a whole new look to your home but it can also drain your pocket.

Whether you are planning renovation to sell your home or doing it just to upgrade your home, keep the following four architectural trends that are expected to gain traction in 2015.


home elevators

In spite of the fact that elevators have been a typical apparatus in Pakistan’s business structures, elevators in homes are uncommon, principally because of the high cost of purchasing, introducing and looking after them. In any case, new innovations –, for example, vacuum elevators – have decreased expenses considerably. Subsequently, home elevators are not just less costly; they can be introduced inside three to five days.

Costs (including installation): Rs 2-2.5 million.

Impact on property value: An increase of 10-13%.

Flex Rooms.

flex room 2

Rooms are progressively being produced to fill various needs. Flex rooms can incorporate spaces that serve as dining rooms with open plan kitchens, home workplaces that can be utilized as kids’ nurseries, and also car garages that double as storage spaces. They can likewise be designed as standalone studio units (with an attached bathroom) which can be rented.

Construction Costs: Rs 140,000-350,000.

Impact on property value: An increase of 10-12%.


luxury zen-like homes

With an expanding number of individuals perceiving the significance of exercising regularly but struggling to find time to visit a fitness centre, home gyms are getting to be progressively typical. In the event that the secured region of a house – or apartment – is under 1,600 square feet, designers are progressively making alcoves in rooms where individuals can exercise and store exercise equipment.

Costs of equipment for home gyms: Rs 250,000-300,000.

Impact on property value: An increase of 8-9%.

Powder Rooms.

powder room 3

Fundamentally used by guests, powder rooms should ideally be located near living rooms for accessibility. Ordinarily, powder rooms are equipped with a sink, mirror, a WC and wall-mounted cabinets. To add character, vibrant wallpapers and mural artwork should be used, and additionally tiles made of porcelain or marble for the walls and floors.

Construction Costs: Rs 150,000-250,000.

Impact on property value: An increase of 3-5%.

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